Social activities for BlogTalk 2009

BlogTalk 2009 is about to begin in Jeju. All of the speakers have arrived, and we will finish the programme tomorrow.

The number of participants will be between 60 and 70. Although it is a small conference, you will be able to meet and talk with experts interested in the Social Web. Also, we will try to do our best to make the event as convenient as possible for you.

I have attached a new version of the conference brochure with a revised timetable. Please check the timetable if you are speaking or just attending.

Social Activity 1: Jeju Olle Tracking

For all participants, the first day (the 15th) of the conference will be finished at 3:30 PM, and those who wish to can join us on a tracking (walking) course for part of route #8 in Jeju Olle (see Those who want to participate should bring comfortable shoes, and it will take 1.5 or 2 hours, with a return to the hotel by bus.

Social Activity 2: Dinner and Asian Karaoke

With this event, people can enjoy the beautiful coastline of Jungmoon Beach. Dinner will start at 6:00 PM in the hotel. We also invite you to join the Asian karaoke party at midnight. This is a very enjoyable aspect of the singing culture of Asia.

We have prepared delicious Korean and western-style foods for your palate. If you are vegetarian or have a problem with specific foods, please let us know in the registration booth.

Lunches and dinner

  • Lunch on the 15th: Sandwich and paste buffet
  • Dinner on the 15th: General buffet with Korean traditional foods including sashimi
  • Lunch on the 16th: Korean bi-bim-bob with hotpot or chum salmon steak

Breakfast is not offered, but there will be some snacks during break time. Registration will be open at 8:00 AM in the Terrace Ballroom on the 15th September.

We hope you will enjoy BlogTalk 2009 with an interesting group of people and great social activities!